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You can really tell that most devs have packed up and are ready to move onto next-gen (almost everything awesome is for 2020!), but there've still been a couple amazing highlights.

Tales of Arise, Ghostwire Tokyo (gimme gameplay), Spiritfarer, PSO2 BEING LOCALIZED, FFVII REMAKE IS OUT IN MARCH, Way to the Woods, and Cyberpunk all look sweet.

Square Enix's show is going to be the one to watch. Aside from FF7R, there's a lot they could show and the fact that it's mostly a blank slate of possibilities is exciting. Nintendo's should be fun, but we already know 90% of what they've got this year. Still, more AC (Astral Chain AND Animal Crossing!), Link's Awakening, Smash DLC, and Bayonetta 3 plus a few more surprises would be solid.

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