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Default Puyo Puyo Champions

Game came out this past week, and just like Puyo Puyo Tetris before it, the game's credits has no mention of the game's English cast or studio.

Info on who voiced who has also been relatively sparse and quiet on social media, with only (AFAIK) Kira Buckland, Ben Diskin, and Ben Lepley confirming their roles as of this writing.

In terms of the returning cast, I'm 99% sure that Arle, Amitie, Ringo, Maguro, Raffina, Suketoudara, Risukuma, Draco, Witch, and Dark Prince are all reprised by the same actors from PPT.

Sultana, Ciel, Penglai, Harpy, Carbuncle: No clue.

Ragnus: Spike Spencer maybe?

Serilly: Christine Marie Cabanos?

Hartmann: Pretty sure that's Kyle Hebert.

Alex: Cindy Robinson? Her 13-15 quotes kinda falls in a register similar to her Hinoka to me.
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