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Default Re: Marvel/Square Enix's Avengers Project

Originally Posted by Autovolt View Post
Speaking of Ray, here's hoping he's in here somewhere. Honestly I would've probably cast him as Thor instead of Travis.
Dang, now that you've put that idea into my head I wish I could hear that...
Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Wasn't he also Iron Man in the test footage for EMH? I thought I recall that being him.
To be fair, Travis has voiced Thor in 20 titles and Laura Widow in 14 titles so far. Sure, it is completely possible that this is finally the project were all the pieces are placed correctly and they hit these roles out of the park, but I do think that it is completely fair for people to be skeptical and unexcited. Also, Yuri's Spider-Man and Travis' Kingpin, in my opinion, aren't good comparisons, since Travis only voiced Kingpin in one thing before the PS4 game, so people didn't really have a strong opinions about him, all the while I remember a lot of people saying from day one that Yuri could be a great Spider-Man, if given a chance to shine, which is very different from the general unenthusiasm (if not downright dislike) of Travis and Laura as Thor and Black Widow.

Personally, I'm fine with Laura getting one more chance at Widow, since, on paper at least, she is a good casting choice for the role and out of everyone from AA cast, she has been hurt most by the material or, to be more precise, lack of thereof. Travis, on the other hand, inherently sounds more like he is doing a parody of Thor (it tells you somehting when he feels the most fitting in the Lego game) and I'm not sure that a good script can fix that.
I do find it kind of funny that Laura is once again playing a redheaded main character in a AAA Marvel game.
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