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Default Re: Marvel/Square Enix's Avengers Project

The teaser and the cast list have me mixed.

I usually don't place too much stock on the graphics (I appreciate them when they look good, but can live with subpar ones, if the gameplay is great) and get annoyed when hardcore gamers turn them into the end-all-and-be-all of the discourse of any given game, but even I have to admit that those character models don't look great. It's obvious that they wanted to evoke the MCU designs/actors, but didn't want to model them completely (either for legal/cost reasons or because this isn't technically a MCU tie-in), so it's like they bought some cheap bootleg action figures and used them as their basics for the in-game models. But the action scenes still look fun and if the gameplay in on point, I'm sure that I can get used to the wonky designs.

As for the cast, I mostly like it. Nolan North is natural choice for Tony Stark, but thankfully isn't there just to do forced RDjr. impersonation (even though I'm sure that they take influences from his Tony Stark's personality), Bruce Banner is fun change of pace for Troy Baker, who so often gets typecast as either cool or grizzled action heroes, not to mention how interesting it's going to be to see how he does as the Hulk, and Jeff Schine is a solid pick for Cap.

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
Nolan as Tony is such a genius casting choice that I'm wondering why no one has capitalized on it before.
*Ahem* Actually...

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
Quite frankly I'm surprised people here are so down on Travis and Laura. Both of them are amazing actors who've got tons of performance capture experience, and the chemistry with them, Troy, and Nolan is guaranteed to be electric. For a game that's all about working as a team, that seems really important. Casting them would make total sense even if they hadn't played them before. As well, just because they're from AA doesn't mean they themselves are poorly cast. If anything, this should be a great chance for them to actually get to spread their wings and show their stuff. Great example: Yuri and Travis played Spidey and Kingpin before, but only when they got to Spidey PS4 did they TRULY crush it. Normally I wouldn't be interested in the game so I'm surprised I am, and a big part of it is just because I have total faith this cast is going to nail it.
To be fair, Travis has voiced Thor in 20 titles and Laura Widow in 14 titles so far. Sure, it is completely possible that this is finally the project were all the pieces are placed correctly and they hit these roles out of the park, but I do think that it is completely fair for people to be skeptical and unexcited. Also, Yuri's Spider-Man and Travis' Kingpin, in my opinion, aren't good comparisons, since Travis only voiced Kingpin in one thing before the PS4 game, so people didn't really have a strong opinions about him, all the while I remember a lot of people saying from day one that Yuri could be a great Spider-Man, if given a chance to shine, which is very different from the general unenthusiasm (if not downright dislike) of Travis and Laura as Thor and Black Widow.

Personally, I'm fine with Laura getting one more chance at Widow, since, on paper at least, she is a good casting choice for the role and out of everyone from AA cast, she has been hurt most by the material or, to be more precise, lack of thereof. Travis, on the other hand, inherently sounds more like he is doing a parody of Thor (it tells you somehting when he feels the most fitting in the Lego game) and I'm not sure that a good script can fix that.
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