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Default Re: Saved from Development Hell, Boy (April 2019)

I just saw this and it didn't leave me with any strong emotions. It doesn't deserve the slaughtering it is getting from the critics (and will probably get at the box office), but I don't think I have any reason to ever rewatch this.

The actions scenes aren't too bad and probably on par (on visual/spectacle - level) with Del Toro's movies, and while there was a lot of cheap CGI, there was also a suprising amount of practical creatures and the pig-man looked really good. Not to mention, many of the monsters clearly had a lot of imagination put into designing them. Unfortunately the story and characters are so shallow that there's really no hook for me to care about the consequences of all the action. Hellboy's (the character's) inner conflic comes almost out of nowhere and gets resolved too easily, his relationship with his father isn't emotionally resonating enough to have the impact it is trying accomplish, the main villain is boring and the climax revolves around a ridicilous coincidence.

David Harbour is giving his all, but the script gives him very little to work with and the make-up seems to restrict him too much, since he has the same grimace on his face, no matter the scene or character's emotional state, throughout the whole movie. The other actors (except Milla Jovovich, who I knew not to expect much from) are clearly motivated too, but they have even less to work with.

There are also many weird small details. For example, during the climax the main villain unleashes a deadly plague and people are adviced to stay inside, yet, when the giant monsters from the trailers are set loose, the streets are full of people just walking like it was normal day. The overuse of the F-Boms also got unintentionally hilarious and I started to wonder, if the dialogue was doctored by an edgy teenage boy or something.

And I have to say that the soundtrack sucks! It was either some old rock hits, which didn't fit the scenes they were played in, or extremely generic banging and booming, which started to hurt my ears after a while.

In the end, if you in mood for some monster fights and gore - effects, this isn't a painful way to waste two hours, but you won't find engaging story or interesting character arcs here.
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