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Default Re: Daemon X Machina

I just played the demo and it is sick. Really evokes shades of Kid Icarus Uprising to me, with the wide open combat. It takes a bit to get used to but it's slick and really fun. The music is metal as f***. Had a good time with it. The character customizer is fun though it has lopsided options. It has a really detailed heterochromia option but low amount of (facial) hair options. It is a demo after all, so that's not too big.

A quick thing on the VO, it seems to be Cup of Tea again? It's at the very least non-union LA because the first big tough guy I found was Patrick Seitz and then I soon found Jamieson Price. Nothing against them but it's getting tiring to hear the same guys in the same archetypes all the time. Do something fresh with your VO Nintendo, please.

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