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Default "Hellboy" (2019)

Next year, we are finally getting a third Hellboy movie. Unfortunately, it's not the final chapter in Guillermo del Toro's trilogy, but a complete reboot directed by Neil Marshall. I can't say that I wasn't little dissappointed, when this news was reported for the first time, since del Toro is one of my all-time favorite directors and both of his Hellboy movies were really solid, but those movies aren't really sacred cows for me and while he is below del Toro, I would consider Marshall one of my favorite directors too, so I was (and still am) open for this project.

And now we have the first trailer:

I admit that I'm only a casual Hellboy fan at best. Besides the two del Toro movies, my only exposure to the franchise are two grapich novels by Mike Mignola and the two direct-to-DVD animated movies, so I can't claim to know what what is the "correct" way to tackle this material, but this trailer wasn't too impressive.

Both Mignola and Marshall pitched this movie as darker and more horror - esque take on the material, with a hard R - rating, but based on this trailer it doesn't seem to be tonally all that different from the previous movies. What is different, however, is the lack of del Toro's sense of charm and his amazing practical effects. This almost feels like a cheap direct-to-video sequel to his Hellboy movies made by some gun-for-hire director.

I understand that this is just the first trailer. The tone of a trailer can be completely different from the tone of the final product (case in point: compare the first trailer of Disney's Tangled to the actual movie) and effects obviously aren't finnished yet. I'll wait for the second trailer, before forming any strong opinions, but I can't say that I'm currently hyped.
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