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Default Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts

Originally Posted by 8000 Saiyans View Post
Marvel characters (Dallas/Houston)

Captain America: Dameon Clarke
Spider-Man: Jason Liebrecht
Wolverine: David Wald
Thor: Patrick Seitz

Iron Man: Chuck Huber
Daredevil: John Gremillion
Deadpool: Jerry Jewell
Elektra: Christina Auten
Ghost Rider: Sean Schemmel
Luke Cage: Rick Kelligan
Blade: Jovan Jackson
Ms. Marvel: Jamie Marchi
Spider-Woman: Stephanie Young
Mr. Fantastic: J. Michael Tatum
Invisible Woman: Kara Edwards
Human Torch: Micah Solusod
The Thing: Phil Parsons
Cyclops: Robert McCollum
Iceman: Clifford Chapin
Storm: Meredith McCoy
Jean Grey: Caitlin Glass
Colossus: Rob Mungle
Faves in bold.
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