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Originally Posted by GreenGoblin75 View Post
One Piece (NYAV Post)

Will post updates:

Luffy: Carrie Keranen
Nami: Rachel Lillis
Zoro: Marc Diraison
Usopp: Wayne Grayson
Sanji: Jason Griffith
Chopper: Colleen O'Shaughennesey
Nico Robin: Karen Strassman
Nefertari Vivi: Erin Fitzgerald

Gol D. Roger: Paul St. Peter
Shanks: Dave B. Mitchell
Mayor Boodle: Doug Stone
Buggy: David Wills
Kuro: Kevin T. Collins
Kaya: Tara Jayne
Don Krieg: Marc Thompson
Smoker: Scottie Ray (So he can actually voice him)
Maybe I just need to hear her play a boy first, but I can't really picture Carrie as Luffy. I think Luffy needs a little more natural depth to his voice and Carrie's is kind of light. I feel the same way about Karen as Robin, she'd be too high. I'd be tempted to swap her and Erin, who'd be good as Vivi but maybe a little too mature sounding

Also, this more on me than anything, because I definitely like it, but it seems a shame to "spend" KTC on a relatively small character like Kuro

Otherwise, I dig. All the ones you brought back from the 4kids dub are solid choices (given better direction and writing natch.) Rachael as Nami sounds great to me, same with Colleen as Chopper. Griffith as Sanji is maybe a smidge higher than I'd like him to sound, but I'd be down to hear it. Wayne as Usopp could be neat too. I really like Paul as Roger, and Mitchell as Shanks is one I wouldn't have thought of but would enjoy hearing
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