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Originally Posted by GreenGoblin75 View Post
One Piece (NYAV Post)

Will post updates:

Luffy: Carrie Keranen
Nami: Rachel Lillis
Zoro: Marc Diraison
Usopp: Wayne Grayson
Sanji: Jason Griffith
Chopper: Colleen O'Shaughennesey
Nico Robin: Karen Strassman
Nefertari Vivi: Erin Fitzgerald

Gol D. Roger: Paul St. Peter
Shanks: Dave B. Mitchell
Mayor Boodle: Doug Stone
Buggy: David Wills
Kuro: Kevin T. Collins
Kaya: Tara Jayne
Don Krieg: Marc Thompson
Smoker: Scottie Ray (So he can actually voice him)
I see a little bit of a shared cast between the old dub & new dub VA's. How do you decide which ones to keep? Do you maybe emulate the FUNi dub w/newer ones?

Personally, I'd want a similar baritone voice to Moo's take for Sanji (w/good direction ofc). I thought Griffith was in the right place as Usopp (though Wayne is just great as well). Nico Robin..may sound generic, but I feel like Megan Hollingshead.

I can think of no one better than Colleen O for Chopper. Maybe Kath Soucie but that has obvious budget concerns 0_0".
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