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Default Re: What we want in the next Avatar series and who should voice some new characters

for the main voice actors playing our protagonist here are a list i would want to make a perfect Avatar:

for male:

josh grelle

josh keaton

bryce papenbrook

joel mcdonald

jason spisak

andrew garfield

scott mcnivelle

clifford chaplin

austin tindle

yuri lowenthal

sam reigal

aaron dismuke

micah solusad

for females

jennifer hale

tara strong

leah clark

karen gillan

ashley johnson

alexis tipton

elizabeth daily

trina nishimura

brina palencia

lauren landra

ashley burch

grey delisle

colleen clinkbeard

felicia angella

lacey chabert

tara platt

tia ballard

laura bailey

cherami leigh

anything you guys would want and expect in the Avatar Universe and what characters you can come up with to fit each of the characters' voice actors/actresses
Yuri Lowenthal for male, and either Brina Palencia or Trina Nishimura for female.
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