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Default Re: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Originally Posted by Abdullab View Post
So robbie daymond confirmed he is not spider-man in the game.

I would not be surprised if it turned out Yuri lowenthal is playing him for UA3 considering how spider-man ps4 turned out but for now UA3 Spidey is fair game
I'm betting Robbie is Winter Soldier in the game as he mentioned recently he got to finally play him in something.

Originally Posted by Abdullab View Post

New video from gameinformer showing Miles Morales gameplay. Nadji Jeter is back as Miles Morales. Gameinformer confirmed that nintendo won`t reveal the va list to them but can confirm Miles is played by a past VA and Miles here sounds like Nadji Jeter
Good to see more of Nadji as Miles.
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