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Lightbulb Not sure if this is a good place to put this, but for now I'll throw it here and hope

Yo, so I kinda just joined BTVA. I used it a bunch for a couple years already, but I wanted to see if having an account gave me access to a feature I'd've found super convenient. It turns out, no such feature exists, but it's no deal breaker.

It probably isn't my place to try to suggest any ideas or something like that, but if it's allowed, I wanna be able to 'pin' actors, shows, games, and movies. Like a "mark as watched/played" kinda thing. I am usually unable to rely on memory alone who played who from what I've watched and played before when I recognize their voice in something new. While opening a new tab and scrolling until I find them isn't a dramatic hurdle, I feel like it would be so much nicer to notice a 'pinned' voice actor on a new show, so that I can hover over it (or something) and a little list shows anything I might remember them from, which I have marked.

Idk, does this make any sense? I'm kinda talking out the arse at this point. Let me know if I need to expand on, or explain anything if it sounds too messy of an idea.
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