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Post Re: Non-Union/FiCore alternatives to Union-Only VAs

Originally Posted by Domayv View Post
I've noticed that a bunch of VAs that were largely active in anime dubs are no longer as active as they used to since the recession, largely because of union-related issues. That being said, non-union/ficore alternative eventually took over their roles. Here's a list:

[legend: union-only VA - non-union/ficore VA]

* Dave Wittenberg - Johnny Yong Bosch, Erik Kimerer, Orion Acaba, Sam Riegel
* Crispin Freeman - Keith Silverstein, Doug Erholtz, Marc Diraison
* Yuri Lowenthal - Bryce Papenbrook, Steve Staley, Jason C. Miller, Jason Wishnov, Lucien Dodge
* Troy Baker - Matthew Mercer
* Steve Blum - Keith Silverstein, Benjamin Diskin (on certain roles)
* Kari Wahlgren - Lauren Landa, Cristina Vee, Michelle Ruff
* Travis Willingham - Kaiji Tang, Matthew Mercer, Lex Lang, Patrick Seitz
* Sandy Fox (Ficore) - Christine Marie Cabanos
* Bridget Hoffman - Erika Harlatcher
* Amanda Winn-Lee - Kira Buckland, Amanda Celine Miller
* Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (I head that she might have gone FiCore so this may no longer be the case) - Laura Post
Very interesting list you created, though I do want to let you know that sometimes it is not just with Union only voice actors (e.g. Crispin Freeman, Steve Blum, Kari Wahlgren etc..), but also can apply with other Non-union/Ficore when the latter has other voiceover work in either Original Animation, Anime, or video games and some other Non-Union/ficore actor takes their place.

But anyway's back on topic, as far as the voice actors you put on the list here are some things I like to point out:

*Steve Blum: Besides Keith Silverstein being his successor, I have a feeling that Ben Diskin is another one of Steve Blum's successors. Now yes, before you say anything they don't have similar vocal ranges as Steve's voice is deeper and Ben's is normal range. Though I notice that on some of Ben's roles whether it is in Anime or in original animation He tends to bring his High-pitched Helium voice or gravely voice that seems reminiscent to Steve Blum's earlier roles (particulary in Digimon)

*Yuri Lowenthal: Besides the one's on the list, Lucien Dodge is another one of his successor's due to their similar vocal range and typecasting. Also I don't think Yuri is a Union VA, since he still does some non-union voice work in the video game side of things (e.g. Person 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening)

*Travis Willingham: Besides the actors that you've have listed, Patrick Seitz is another one of his succesors due to their very similar vocal range and typecasting. Also while he hasn't been gainining new roles in anime in recent years (due to video games and some Western Animation) he still comes back to do anime from time to time, especially if its a role he previously portrayed before in a video game or anime.

*Sandy Fox: Same as Yuri Lowenthal above, While she hasn't gain any new roles in the past 2-3 years, Sandy Fox isn't considered Union, but ficore as she has done several non-union voice over work in video games such as Ar nosurge Ode to an Unborn Star/ and the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures video games. Not to mention that she has already been cast as Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibiusa in the Viz dub of Sailor Moon and Eddelrittuo in Aldnoah.Zero.

Now besides the ones listed here, are some other Union actors (or Ficore actors depending on the VA) that have been filled in by other Non-Union/Ficore actors:

* Melissa Fahn - Cassandra Lee Morris
* Tara Platt (Still Ficore but could go in same route as her husband Yuri Lowenthal) - Carrie Keranen, Laura Post
* Sam Riegel - Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond
* Brian Beacock - Todd Haberkorn, Benjamin Diskin
* Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Cassandra Lee Morris
* Carrie Savage - Kira Buckland
* Laura Bailey - Lauren Landa
* Kirk Thornton - David Vincent

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