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Mine is for Axito the Exiled. It is based on if Funimation do filming in both LA and Texas, that way Kate, Yuri and Johnny can be included And thus also inviting various other LA actors to participate.

Akito-Micah Solusod
Leila-Brina Palencia
Suzaku-Yuri Lowenthanl
Julius-Johnny Yong Bosch
Shin-J Michael Tatum
Ryo-Corey Hartzog
Yukiya-Scott Gibbs
Ayano-Erika Harlacher
Sophie-Tia Ballard
Joe-Chris Cason
Anna-Caitlynn French
Klaus-Bryan Massey
Oscar-Ray Chase
Chloe-Brittany Karbowski
Hilda-Felecia Anglele
Kate-Xanthe Huynh
Feirri-Jamie Marchi
Sarah-Monica Rial
Andrea-Phil Parsons
Ashley-David Wald
Jean-Kristi Kang
Gene-Richard Epcar
Pierre-Leraldo Anzaldua
Michael-Christopher Sabat
Augusta-Sean Hennigan
Alice-Shelby Lindley
Maria-Leah Clark
Shin (young)-Morgan Berry
CC-Kate Higgins
Akito (young)-Maxie Whitehead
Johann-Patrick Seitz
Michele-Chris Tergliafera
Johanne-Todd Haberkorn
Alan-Derick Snow
Franz-Anthony Bowling
Rene-Josh Grelle
Kuzan-Max Mittelman
Jan-Zack Aguilar
Simon-Kyle Phillips
Godfrey-Dave Mallow
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