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Default Record of Agarest War - The English Dream Cast

There's this SRPG series created by the same people who brought you Neptunia called Record of Agarest War, and they were Japanese VA only sadly (this is also why the PS3 version of the first game in North America was download-only as SCEA, at the time, does not allow undubbed games to be on physical format)

Since the first game was released in 2010 before the voice actors such as Erica Mendez, Kira Buckland, Sean Chiplock, Christine Cabanos are not yet popular and before the others such as Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, Erin Fitzgerald and Steve Blum are not in Union yet.

Record of Agarest War

Studio: Bang! Zoom Entertainment
English Voice Acting Director: Tony Oliver

Leonhart - Bryce Papenbrook
Fyuria - Julie Maddelena
Luana - Laura Bailey
Ladius - Crispin Freeman (Siegfried Schtauffen, Soul Calibur III)
Elaine - Cristina Vee
Thoma - Troy Baker
Valeria - Wendee Lee
Yayoi - Carrie Savage
Sherufanir - Julie Ann Taylor
Vashtor - Patrick Seitz
Dyshana - Tara Platt
Alberti - Johnny Yong Bosch
Ellis - Stephanie Sheh
Vira-Lorr, Sharona - Karen Strassman (Kei Nagase, Ace Combat 5)
Zerva - Ed Cunningham
Lavinia - Julie Maddelena
Faina - Michelle Ruff
Noah - Kari Wahlgren
Plum - Sandy Fox
Ganz - Jamieson Price
Winfield - Liam O'Brien
Borgnine - Charles Clausmeyker (Nightmare, Soul Calibur V)
Arbol - Grant George
Duran - Yuri Lowenthal
Ryuryu - Erika Lenhart
Hildegard - Cindy Robinson
Silvi - Erin Fitzgerald
Rex - Sam Riegel
Qua - Sandy Fox
Reverie - Hynden Walch
Dyshana - Brianne Siddall
Beatrice - Laura Bailey
Murmina - Jessica Straus

I will do Agarest Zero and Agarest Two soon.
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