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Default Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: The English Dream Cast

Here's the English dream cast of another undubbed Atelier game called Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

Nelke von Lestamm - Brianna Knickerbocker (Dana, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana)
Knoss - Kyle McCarley
Lotus McGregor - Sean Chiplock (Rean Schwarzer, Trails of Cold Steel)
Marlone - Kate Higgins (Returning from Cross Edge)
Elfir Traum - Abby Trott (K-Sha, Neptunia)
Enderk Jad - Xander Mobus
Lilie, Totori - Cassandra Morris
Judith Volltone - Erica Mendez (Noire, Neptunia (Post-4 Goddess Online)
Viorate Platane - Lauren Landa (Returning from Trinity Universe)
Bartholomaus Platane - Robbie Daymond (Goro Akechi, Persona 5)
Klein Kiesling - Grant George (Returning from Iris)
Lita Blanchimont - Wendee Lee (Returning from Iris)
Norn - Melissa Fahn (Returning from Iris)
Felt Blanchimont - Spike Spencer (Ditto)
Viese Blanchimont, Iris Fortner - Michelle Ruff (Ditto)
Edge Vanhite - Ray Chase (because Vic, the original VA for Edge, was caught in a controversy)
Sterkenburg Cranach, Vayne Aurelius - Kyle Hebert (because the original English VA for Sterk and Vayne, Liam O'Brien is a SAG-AFTRA actor nowadays)
Razeluxe Meitzen - Austin Lee Matthews (Wit, Ace Combat 7) (Because Yuri Lowenthal is a SAG-AFTRA actor nowadays)
Pepperoncino - Jamieson Price (Ditto with Vic)
Uryu - Erica Mendez (We don't know who is the English voice actor for Uryu in the original game)
Ulrika Mulberry - Alexis Tipton (Ditto with Yuri and Liam, Laura is a SAG-AFTRA actor and she cannot reprise her role)
Rorolina Frixell - Julie Maddelena (returning)
Merurulince Rede Arls - Xanthe Huynh (returning)
Ayesha Altugle - Erika Harlacher (returning)
Escha Malier - Marieve Henrington (returning)
Logix Ficsario - Max Mittelman (returning)
Shallistera Argo - Shelby Lindley (We don't know who is the returning English voice actor for Shallistera in the original game, so this one is pure guessing)
Shallotte Elminus - Sara Williams (returning)
Sophie Neuenmuller - Christine Marie Cabanos (returning)
Firis Mistlud - Faye Mata (returning)
Lydie and Suelle Marlen - Kayli Mills (Emillia, re:ZERO)
Pamela Ibis - Brianne Siddall (returning)
Hagel Boldness - Kirk Thornton (returning)

What you think of my dream cast? Feedback is welcome.

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