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Default What is Casting Call?

Casting Call is a feature that accommodates two types of members.

1. Those requiring voice actors for a project:

"BTVA's Casting Call provides a management system for your voice-over project and displays it in an organized format for your prospective auditioners. Members can submit auditions directly on your project page. From there you can select which members auditions to cast, flag as backups (for if your cast member can longer fill the role) or pass on (for auditions that don't suit your needs). Once your project is complete, you can share it with the rest of the community."

2. Those who are voice actors looking for roles to play:

"Practice and improve your voice acting skills by auditioning for a voice over project listed here on Casting Call. If a project owner decides to cast you for a role, you will be notified via email.
Other BTVA members can have the opportunity to listen to your auditions, comment and give you Shout Outs! You can also keep track of all your auditions on your BTVA profile page."

All of this is achieved via a web page interface with forms.

Feel free to discuss or share your thoughts.
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