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Default Re: Potential (but currently unknown) Voice Actor Throwback Project for the older VAs

Originally Posted by Starscreamsfan View Post
You do raise a lot of valid points. And I also think a television special could be the best way to do it. Or a series of specials, like the three live-action Hulk specials released in the late 80's.

It should also include some vintage VAs who still get some work nowadays as honorary guests. People like Corey Burton, Pat Fraley and Paul Eiding come to mind.

I think it should have some vintage-style cheesy one-liners at some places, but it's just an idea.
A series of specials sounds like a really good idea. But for now, I'd rather focus on getting this first idea off the ground before getting into anything else.

Yeah I didn't want to leave out any vintage VAs who still get work nowadays. Only if they are willing to join this project along with everyone else we're looking for to be in it.

I'll take any ideas at this moment in time as I'm still working on the characters and the plot. It would good to have some vintage-style cheesy one-liners in there but like I said, they have to be clever. But I'm sure you've got some great ones thought out.
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