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Default Re: Potential (but currently unknown) Voice Actor Throwback Project for the older VAs

Originally Posted by Ross123 View Post
Glad you agree Starscreamsfan. This idea should hopefully be the come back for many old VAs who struggling to get work. That's my main reason for coming up with this project.

And I've been thinking about what it should be. An animated 1 hour 30 minute tv special of some sort.

The for this is because most tv shows get cancelled after just 1 season if they're not successful enough. Not many people go out to the movies anymore mainly because of their ridiculous prices and I don't to see this project be a complete bomb. And video games cost way too much to make and areconsidered bad if they go below an 8/10.

But like I said, I am only a 1 man army. I need people to help me make this happen. I need animators, artists, computer geeks, writers, producers and most of all... voice actors.

And it better have good/memorable/clever jokes in it. And not most of that humour we see nowadays that we're all pretty much sick of at this point, no fart jokes either as I see them as a lazy half-*** way of doing something when nobody can come up with anything better.

The way I see it, this project will be appreciated by those who truly know what a great piece of work & art really is.
You do raise a lot of valid points. And I also think a television special could be the best way to do it. Or a series of specials, like the three live-action Hulk specials released in the late 80's.

It should also include some vintage VAs who still get some work nowadays as honorary guests. People like Corey Burton, Pat Fraley and Paul Eiding come to mind.

I think it should have some vintage-style cheesy one-liners at some places, but it's just an idea.
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