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Default Re: FMA: Brotherhood

Decided to make a full Brotherhood Ocean cast.

Cathy Weseluck - Edward Elric
Tabitha St. Germain - Alphonse Elric
Ashleigh Ball - Winry Rockbell
Michael Daingerfield - Roy Mustang
Scott McNeil - Scar

Garry Chalk - Alex Louis Armstrong
Peter Kelamis - Maes Hughes

Rebecca Shoichet - Riza Hawkeye
Samuel Vincent - Jean Havoc
Jason Simpson - Heyman Breda
Brent Miller - Vato Falman
Gabe Khouth - Kain Fuery

Kelly Sheridan - Maria Ross
Kirby Morrow - Denny Brosh

Lisa Ann Beley - Olivier Mira Armstrong
Michael Adamthwaite - Miles
Dave Pettitt - Buccaneer

Brad Swaile - Ling Yao
Carol Anne Day - Lan Fan
Jocelyne Loewen - May Chang
Ken Kramer - Fu

Michael Dobson - Heinkel
Colin Murdock - Darius
Paul Dobson - Zampano
Dean Redman - Jerso

Teryl Rothery - Izumi Curtis
Mark Acheson - Sig Curtis
Dale Wilson - Tim Marcoh
Anna Cummer - Sheshka
Lee Tockar - Barry the Chopper
Nicole Oliver - Trisha Elric
John Novak - Van Hohenheim
Shirley Milner - Pinako Rockbell
Trevor Devall - Isaac McDougaal
Willow Johnson - Rose

French Tickner - Father
Advah Soudack - Selim Bradley/Pride
Russell Roberts - King Fuhrer Bradley/Wrath
Saffron Henderson - Envy
Mark Gibbon - Sloth
Janyse Jaud - Lust
Mark Hildreth - Greed
Don Brown - Gluttony
Ted Cole - Solf J. Kimblee
Ian James Corlett - Shou Tucker
Gerard Plunkett - Father Cornello

Originally Posted by Neo Shadow King View Post
A great cast, but given that this is an Early 90' cast, wouldn't it make more sense to have Midorikawa Hikaru as Ling rather than Ishida (Note that Ishida's career really didn't take off until the Late 90')? Otherwise though, no complaints, with my favorites being the bolded ones.

I just went with Ishida mostly because he always kind of reminded me a little of Mamoru Miyano in voice similiarities.
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