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Default Re: Street Fighter V

Originally Posted by akersaotome View Post
Two currently in Street Fighter V and that's Azam and C.Viper

Legacy Street fighter characters:

Fei-Long (Yuichi Nakamura and Matthew Mercer as reprisals)

Retsu from Street fighter 1

King Cobra (Street fighter 4 reject character)

Characters from Capcom's library of games:

Lucia Morgan from Final Fight 3. It would increase the number of blonde hair characters. Can't think of Japanese voice actress, but for English oral, my picks would be either Emily Neves or Luci Christian. Reason because I like the idea of more actors/actresses from the southern Texas talent pool to get some Capcom love, like with both Jessica Calvello and David Wald got for SF5.

Mike Haggar also from Final Fight. Consider it reprisals from both Kiyoyuki Yanada and Matt Riedy.

Akira Kazama from Rival Schools (non-helmet edition).

Trailer for new characters:

E.Honda, Poison and newcomer Lucia Morgan from Final fight 3. Much happiness for Lucia Morgan. Going by the trailer, Lucia has an New York/New Jersey english speaking accent, her Final fight 3 moveset is there and even a projectile. I'm interested in who's Lucia Morgan's actress is?

Mike Haggar was also in that trailer; now I'm hoping he'll be in the game for real.
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