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Default Re: "Avengers: Endgame" (2019)

Since it's been 3 weeks I'll put a couple spoilers in here, but fair warning.

Somehow managed to stay pure until yesterday, since I wasn't able to see it when it came out. Ultimately glad I did because there wasn't a lot of cheering or chatter during the movie, like there was when I saw Infinity War on opening weekend. Ultimately, I liked it, though far more for the character work/acting than the actual plot. The original Avengers had the emotional meat and they did a very good job, with definite highlights being RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. Plot was fine but I felt the entire conflict coming from one character being stupid/not forthcoming was very disappointing. I don't expect these movies to be tightly plotted Shakespearean dramas, but whenever you hinge the climax on one character just being effing stupid, it really is frustrating. Like, why didn't Nebula tell everyone Thanos was hunting for the stones then? Why didn't she consider that Thanos would be looking for the Power Stone? Why didn't she realize that she could short-circuit by being in the same time frame as her younger self? Why didn't she warp back to the present to warn everyone "Yo Thanos knows"? Why didn't she tell Hawkeye and Black Widow someone needed to die for the Soul Stone? Why did Thanos bring back Nebula's future self? Nebula caused a bunch of the conflict by being DUMB and it really irked me.

The best part of the movie was how it handled Tony's death. Was I surprised? No, it was pretty obvious. But it's a testament to RDJ, this movie, and the character of Iron Man throughout this universe that the sequence was very effective. When he said "I am Iron Man" I actually got kinda emotional since, in this corporate universe, the one thing I always liked was RDJ and his Tony Stark. Basically the words kicked off the universe and were some of his final words and I thought that was handled in the absolute best way possible.

Wow, I ended up talking a lot about cape****. Overall, it was a solid movie, but the conflict mired in Nebula being stupid really took me out of it. I liked Infinity War more but this was a fun time overall.

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