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Default Re: New York Marvel Voices

I haven't put too much thought into this one. Mulling it over, this is what I've come up with:
  • Captain America: Bill Rogers
  • Hulk: Dan Green
  • Wolverine: Marc Diraison
  • Spider-Man: Jason Griffith
  • Iron Man: Rodger Parsons
  • She-Hulk: Sarah Natochenny
  • Black Widow: Karen Neill
  • Wasp: Amy Birnbaum or Michele Knotz
  • Mr. Fantastic: John Campbell
  • Invisible Woman: Emlyn Morinelli
  • Human Torch: Oliver Wyman
  • The Thing: Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Hawkeye: Kevin Kolack
  • Dr. Doom: Jimmy Zoppi
  • Emma Frost: Carrie Keranen
  • Shadowcat: Kayzie Rogers
  • Iceman: Andrew Rannells
  • Magneto: Ted Lewis
  • Thor: J David Brimmer
  • Doctor Strange: Mike Pollock
  • Ghost Rider: Darren Dunstan
  • M.O.D.O.K: Craig Blair
  • Storm: Lisa Adams
  • Phoenix: Erica Schroeder
  • X-23: Amy Palant or Rachael Lillis
  • Deadpool: Sean Schemmel
  • Taskmaster: Wayne Grayson
  • Nova: Anthony Salerno
  • QuickSilver: Jamie McGonnigal
  • Scarlet Witch: Veronica Taylor or Emily Jenness
  • Polaris: Tara Jayne
  • Domino: Caren Manuel
  • Apocalypse: Marc Thompson
  • Whirlwind: Bill Timoney
  • Baron Zemo: David Wills
  • Mockingbird: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
  • Juggernaut: Tom Wayland
  • Mystique: Hilary Thomas
  • Sabretooth: Scottie Ray
  • Lady Deathstrike: Kether Donohue
  • Psylocke: Andi Whaley
  • Firestar: Lisa Ortiz
  • Magma: Kerry Williams
  • Selene: Eileen Stevens
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