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Default Re: Marvel/Square Enix's Avengers Project

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
Quite frankly I'm surprised people here are so down on Travis and Laura. Both of them are amazing actors who've got tons of performance capture experience, and the chemistry with them, Troy, and Nolan is guaranteed to be electric. For a game that's all about working as a team, that seems really important. Casting them would make total sense even if they hadn't played them before. As well, just because they're from AA doesn't mean they themselves are poorly cast. If anything, this should be a great chance for them to actually get to spread their wings and show their stuff. Great example: Yuri and Travis played Spidey and Kingpin before, but only when they got to Spidey PS4 did they TRULY crush it. Normally I wouldn't be interested in the game so I'm surprised I am, and a big part of it is just because I have total faith this cast is going to nail it.
I just don't think they're the best fits for Thor and Black Widow respectively to be honest, I've grown tired of hearing them as those characters nearly every Marvel project since 2013. I mean Yuri's Spidey and Travis's Kingpin weren't overused to the point that it got tiresome. I was hoping we'd get some new casting or pick more obscure choices for a reprisal. Maybe they might grow on me here but right now I just find it eh.
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