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Default Re: Marvel/Square Enix's Avengers Project

I was also ready for new VA's for Thor and Widow if only because Laura and Travis have never been my favorite VA's for those characters, but I guess their experience with voiceover and mo-cap for AAA games like this helped land them the roles again (I would say it was probably the same of the other VA's). I can at least hope that they get much better material and direction in these games then they got in the cartoons.

Nolan North as Iron Man is pretty awesome. I'm glad we're not getting a VA just to do a decent RDJ impersonation.

Troy as Hulk should be really interesting. Banner I can see him fitting like a glove but Hulk is a different beast (in more ways then one). I mean, it's the first time someone other then Fred Tatasciore has done Hulk in a major role in years, so that's kind of cool. Reminds me of when Ray Chase played Jason Blood and Etrigan. I hope he doesn't reprise Hawkeye though, once he inevitably gets added in as free content.

Jeff Schine sounds decent as Cap, although Cap has probably my least favorite Cap design.
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