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Post Re: NYAV Gundam Seed Full Cast List

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
On the one hand, more Dave B. Mitchell in anime. Love that guy. On the other hand, it's SEED.
Seriously, why couldn't we get a Dub for X or Turn A instead of another SEED Dub? This Cast is too good for SEED! (Which seems to be a constant in all languages for this series). The only bit of this cast that makes me remotely happy its not being wasted on such a mediocre show is Yuri Lowenthal as TM Revolution, because that is hilarious.

Very fitting that a redub nobody asked for is filled with alleged (for le legal reasons) sex pests. I guess that's what happens when the dub is on the shelf for so long.
Guessing Tom Wayland will end up getting replaced for when they inevitably Redub Destiny unless the Dub for that has also been finished for a while. Maybe they'll get Trevor Devall back? I'm not sure really.

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