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Default Re: Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally Posted by Dragyon View Post

Sonic the hedgehog: Arnie Pantoja

Miles "Tails" Prower: Erica Mendez

Knuckles the Echidna: Bob Bucholz

Amy Rose: Cristina Valenzuela

Shadow the hedgehog: Robbie Daymond

Rouge the Bat: Megan Hollingshead

E-123 Omega: David Sobolov

Vector the Crocodile: Keith Silverstein

Espio the Chameleon: Crispin Freeman

Charmy Bee: Sandy Fox

Silver the hedgehog: Bryce Papenbrook

Blaze the Cat: Erica Lindbeck

Marine the Racoon: Tara Strong

Cream the Rabbit: Eden Riegel

Vanilla Rabbit: Michelle Ruff

Big the Cat: Michelle Ruff

Omochao: Erica Lindbeck

Jet the Hawk: Steve Staley

Storm the Albatross: Dave B. Mitchell

Wave the Swallow: Wendee Lee

Dr. Eggman: Mike Pollock

Orbot: Kirk Thornton

Cubot: Wally Wingert
Whoooooooa. I dunno if Michelle Ruff has that much range... Lol.
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