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Default Re: Who could pull off a Gintama Dub?

I think BangZoom could do a good job with Gintama. Here's who I've though of so far:

Gin - Matt Mercer
Shinpachi - Erik Kimerer
Kagura - Cassandra Morris or Sarah Williams

Hasegawa - Tony Oliver

Kondo - Patrick Seitz
Hijikata - Kaiji Tang
Sougo - Lucien Dodge
Yamazaki - Todd Haberkorn

Katsura - David Vincent

Takasugi - Keith Silverstein
Kamui - Bryce Papenbrook
Abuto - Kirk Thornton

Kyubei - Amanda C Miller

I'm drawing blanks / haven't thought of who could voice the other characters, but this is a pretty good start.
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