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Default The mysteries of SEGA and Sonic Team's Burning Rangers' english dub

Ok, so here me out on this search for one SEGA's rare Saturn game called Burning Rangers...

For what we know about Burning Rangers curious subject is its english dub that it is creditless, but all we know that Michael McGaharn voiced Lead Phoenix...

I checked its credits in the game and I found its ADR Director, Bobby White, and was recorded at AudioBanks in Santa Monica, CA. However, the place was closed long-ago...

In an interview in Official Sega Saturn Magazine Issue 31, page 54, when questioned about choosing voice-actors and the usage of Voice-Navigation, one the developers quoted "We believe that some of the voice actors have appeared in American TV programs, but we're not sure which ones."

Who could they be...!?

I have one league, but it's from IMDB, which I know it unreliable to BTVA's Admins., but the casts seems legitimate...
Some of the voice actors listed aren't well known to un-acted for almost decades such as:

Benny Grant as Shou
Janna Levinstein as Tillis
Yvette Lowenthal as Chris

What's odd is that both Grant and Levinstein appeared in I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore.
More strangely enough, the voice actress listed for Iria is Carolyn Lawrence, and strangely enough, I can hear that Iria sounds exactly like her...

I'm not sure if IMDB is reliable as of today since we get informations mostly from Voice-Actors theirselves or Voice-Directors, but we need answers for Burning Rangers' english dub as a 20th Anniversary special...

Here's a long-play of the game:

Here's the magazine that has a Q&A in it:

And for questionable acts of my own...I added IMDB's as well:

P.S. I know, I know...IMDB isn't trusted, but it looks...interesting...

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