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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 14th May, episode 10 of the adventure. Full cast this time where they resume in the face of battle with the undead. Travis Willingham wear's the coolest t-shirt which says "Run D&D", which is inspired from Run DMC.

Critical Role Episode 10: K'Varn Revealed


Grog says "I would like to rage, and run!"

Grog elbows Pike to the face whilst running.

Scanlan rescues Pike and says "Come with me if you want to live", gives her a hug, sniffs her hair.

Pike thanks Scanlan. He replies: "Don't worry, that hard wood is the boat"

Defeated a Cloaker, skinned it.

Scanlan sings: "When you're trying to skin a cloaker, here's some inspiration, when we're on a creepy boat, here's some inspiration" inspired by Chicago - You're The Inspiration

Pike has a snack pouch.

Tiberius sends a letter to his brother, Scanlan puts cologne on it.

Scanlan sings: "Scry, scry, Miss Keyleth scry" inspired by Don McLean - American Pie.

K'Varn form is revealed.

At the end of the show, whilst reading messages, someone posted they were working on a Trinket statue and finished a knife for Vax. Ashley Johnson became jealous as she only got is a twitch emote.

They had a Q&A after the t-shirt sales reached over a 1000 during the broadcast.

Story of Keyleth killing a child revealed in detail.

Sam Riegel asked if he looked like Tim Curry.

Vex and Trinket backstory revealed.

Scanlan fell out of a window for the funniest fail dice role, crashing three stories down.

Origin's of Keyleth's Minxy, which is a Saber-toothed cat.

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