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Default Re: Celebrities who you'd like to see do more voiceover work

Originally Posted by Autovolt View Post
Yeah I'm amazed no one has tried to get Tom or Clint to voice in a movie. Clint especially has a great gritty raspy voice.
Wouldn't suprise me if Clint felt like that voice acting and/or cartoons are beneath him or the like. Which is a shame, since he is great actor and his voice would be perfect for a gritty villain or worn-out mentor.

Anywho, while he is no stranger to the art form, I would love to see Peter Dinklage do more voice acting. He has unbelievable charisma and very cool voice. Since Disney has gotten back on track in terms of their animated movies, I would love to see him play a villain or antihero in Disney movie. One of my personal dream fancast is actually hear him voice Captain Nemo. He would be perfect for the role.
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