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Default Re: Celebrities who you'd like to see do more voiceover work

For a while I wanted Michael C. Hall to get it in on the game and luckily last year he's finally started voicing like in Justice League: Gods and Monsters and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.

I hope he continues to voice act.

Here's who I'd like to see more in voice acting.

Bill Hader
Gary Oldman
James Spader
Patrick Stewart
Charlie Day
Will Arnett
Will Ferrell
Liam Neeson
James Earl Jones
Alfred Molina
Willem Dafoe
Idris Elba
Elizabeth Banks
Kristen Wiig
Sigourney Weaver
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Terry Crews
Vin Diesel
Chris Hemsworth
Christopher Lloyd
Danny Devito
John Goodman
Kevin Pollak
Constance Zimmer
Eddie Murphy
Jim Parsons
John Michael Higgins
Idina Menzel
Alec Baldwin (my mom despises him but he really is a good VA)
Penn Jillette
Frances McDormand
Seth Rogen
John C. Reilly
Nathan Fillion
Tom Cavanagh
Tom Hiddleston

There are more people out there but these folks, I'd love to hear more of the most.
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