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Default Re: Underrated Superhero Movies

I feel similarly about the Thor films. From what I've seen, people generally see the first two as unremarkable (even bad films) and think Ragnarok is LEAGUES above them, but I personally would give Ragnarok a score of 4/5 whilst the first Thor is like a 3.5/5 for me. While it was flawed in some ways: the backstory of Jotunheim and Asgard is a little rushed, the comedy is hit or miss, the pacing is inconsistent and I haven't heard many people sing praises for Jane or the human characters either.
But as an origin story it works really well. It baffles me that people say Thor was a bland character before Ragnarok because his arc was very clear and simple: a brash, arrogant prince who learns humility and is not entitled to everything simply because he's Thor. If you watch Thor's appearances in order in the MCU, he develops more of a sense of humor and, well, humanity as the films go on. By Endgame, he's almost a completely different person from the beginning of Thor 1; and without this film Thor would never have been as interesting (Loki too for that matter). The backstory of Loki, and that particular scene when Odin reveals his true origins to him was really tragic and fascinating. You can clearly see what drives Loki as a character, and the dynamic between Thor and Loki is easily one of the most interesting hero-villain relationship in the MCU, dare I say superhero film history!

The Dark World, while being the weakest in the Thor series, is not terrible but still not good either, I'd give it a 2/5 as being a meh film with great moments, while Thor 1 is a good film but with flaws.
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