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Default VAs in Highlander

No, not the movie. I mean the TV series that was filmed in Vancouver, Paris, and LA. Although it featured numerous voice actors from all three locations during its run, trying to feature all of them at once would probably be a bit too much to take in. Therefore, the start of this thread focuses exclusively on the Paris actors. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the names that come up.

Peter Hudson.jpg
Peter Hudson

Christian Erickson.jpg
Christian Erickson

George Birt.jpg
George Birt

Bertie Cortez.jpg
Bertie Cortez

Jesse Joe Walsh.jpg
Jesse Joe Walsh

Geoffrey Bateman.jpg
Geoffrey Bateman

Jerry Di Giacomo.jpg
Jerry Di Giacomo

Patrick Floersheim.jpg
Patrick Floersheim

Doug Rand.jpg
Doug Rand

Matthew Geczy.jpg
Matthew Geczy

Hester Wilcox.jpg
Hester Wilcox

Les Clack.jpg
Les Clack

Ken Samuels.jpg
Ken Samuels

Paul Bandey.jpg
Paul Bandey

Joe Sheridan.jpg
Joe Sheridan

Roger Lumont.jpg
Roger Lumont

Veronique Baylaucq.jpg
Veronique Baylaucq

Joe Rezwin.jpg
Joe Rezwin

Paul Barrett.jpg
Paul Barrett

Alexander Klimenko.jpg
Alexandre Klimenko

Colin David Reese.jpg
Colin David Reese

Guillaume Barriere.jpg
Guillaume Barriere

Michael Morris.jpg
Michael Morris

Patrick Albenque.jpg
Patrick Albenque

Nabil Massad.jpg
Nabil Massad

Pierre Semmler.jpg
Pierre Semmler

Robert William Bradford.jpg
Robert William Bradford

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