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Originally Posted by Michaelsar View Post
I'm surprised nobody's made a Vancouver-based cast for the show yet.
Let ME take care of that for ya.

Yakko Warner: Ian James Corlett
Wakko Warner: Brian Drummond
Dot Warner: Tabitha St. Germain
Pinky: Lee Tockar
The Brain: Scott McNeil
Dr. Otto Scratchensniff: Michael Daingerfield
Ralph the Guard: Trevor Devall
Hello Nurse: Ashleigh Ball
Slappy Squirrel: Kathleen Barr
Skippy Squirrel: Quinn Lord or Graham Verchere
Rita: Tabitha St. Germain
Runt: Garry Chalk
Pesto: Brian Drummond
Bobby: Scott McNeil
Squit: Samuel Vincent
Buttons: Lee Tockar
Mindy: Andrea Libman
Minerva Mink: Kelly Sheridan
Katie Ka-Boom: Chiara Zanni

NOTE: I haven't watched a lot of the show, so I'm sorry if some of these don't fit.
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