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Default Re: Transformers: Cyberverse

Having watched a bit of the Japanese dub it's a bit more restrained from Yoshikazu Iwanami's other Transformers dub, they still have some weird vocal ticks and i assume some comedic ad-libbing, Shockwave especially goes from cold and calculating to loud and shouty.

However in Megatron Is My Hero Shigeru Chiba finally gets to portray a more serious, less comedic Megatron and he nails it, it's pretty similar to his Raditz which is how i'd picture a less goofier Chiba Megatron sounding. The scene where Megatron rips out Bumblebee's voice is is treated with about the same seriousness and gravitas as it did in the original (I was worried they'd make it really comedic but they didn't.) He definitely fits this Megatron more than the Beast Wars version. Takehito Koyasu as Optimus Prime is awesome as you'd expect. Aoi Yuki is a great fit for Windblade, Tetsu Inada is exactly how you'd imagine Grimlock sounding in Japanese. Satoshi Tsuroka definitely works better as Cyberverse Starscream than Prime Starscream that's for sure.

However I do think Thundercracker and Shockwave are the weak links of an otherwise decent Japanese dub. Thundercracker sounds really dumb like a typical deep dumb guy and Shockwave....well he's not the cold and calculating logical machine he is in English.

also in the Japanese dub Velocitron is called Speedia like it was in Galaxy Force, first time a character/place name was changed for the dub but it's a nice call back impressive considering Iwanami didn't voice/sound direct for Galaxy Force.
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