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Default Professor Daryl Embr(e)y

While doing Time Patrol, I noticed that both Frank Catalano and the late Robert Barron are both credited on here for playing Professor Daryl Embry in Robotech the Movie. The role is only credited in the closing scroll to Merle Pearson, Barron's usual alias (Pearson is his wife's maiden name) [and I've read that Merle was the name of his father-in-law] {fits regular alias patterns but take the father-in-law bit with a grain of salt, as I'm not 100% sure of its accuracy, but his wife Dayna definitely had the maiden name of Pearson and was occasionally credited as Dayna Pearson-Barron}.

Here's Embry in the movie, a pretty far cry from Catalano but basically in line with Barron's most excellent voice.

P.S. The credits spell it Embry, and all Robotech official materials I've ever seen use that same spelling. I'm assuming it was just a typo on behalf of whomever entered it here.

Edit: This presumably goes back to the Robotech Art books, which had a cast list that used the aliases in the credits as a basis and through linking the wrong people to the wrong aliases resulted in errors that have persisted forever, so I can't blame whomever did this way back when.

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