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Default Re: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The voice acting change for FF7R is for really no reason. What they did to the voice actors isn't right. I'm not buying all the excuses that are being thrown at the fans. The Voice Actor change wasn't necessary nor needed. Great, they get all the screen actors from the same shows. What a coinky-dink. Why use these voice actors for 17 years and then all of a sudden decide they weren't working out. It took 17 years and 14 titles to decide that? The voice actors want to be in the Remake - they have shaped their notoriety as voice actors by these characters - how cruel for Square Enix to take that away from them and even away from us fans.

There is a petition to get them in the Remake as an optional downloadable content for after the game is released. They deserve this game too.
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