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Default Re: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I'm crossing my fingers that they're placeholders. If the Japanese version keeps their cast while the English cast gets replaced, I'd like to know why that choice was made. I'm not shallow enough to hate the new cast if their performances are great, but SE is known for their reprisals. Aerith was notably the only FF character in English that kept getting recast, from Mandy Moore to Mena Suvari to Andrea Bowen to the new actress heard in the recent trailer.

Steve Burton has been voicing Cloud in English since 2002's Kingdom Hearts. There were only a handful of times he didn't reprise the role, as the media Cloud was featured in was Japanese only, such as the Last Order OVA, Opera Omnia, and the Smash Bros. series (meanwhile, every other character speaks English, even Marth as of SSBU). For me, it'll take some getting use to not hearing Burton as Cloud.
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