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Default Re: Should the Anime Dub industry give more attention to older anime?

I would just about love to see more older anime make it here, but companies want to go for the current things and what would be most cost-effective and beneficial. They don't want to risk licensing something old that'd tank or only have niche buyers, even if there'd be however many fans demanding it.
Aside from the old Sailor Moon anime being a "big name", I'm still surprised that Viz has taken on wanting to dub all of that. I hope that they can, and don't stop midway due to low sales or anything. In Sailor Moon's case though, it's not an ongoing series like Detective Conan where there's risk of a company stopping due to that and then just sitting on the license.

I've been hoping Discotek can get more series, even if they're not a dubbing studio and just release subs and whatever existing dubs there may be (such as all the dubs of "Mystery of Mamo" for Lupin III).

To add to discussion of old-school licenses that are on the "probably never going to happen" list:
I think a redub of the '80s Cyborg 009 movie ("Legend of the Super Galaxy") would be kind of sweet. I know other fans have wished it could get one with the '01 series dub actors, even if they wouldn't be able to get everyone back. 009 and 008 would probably have to be recast.

The '79 series could also lend itself to a "Gatchaman"-style dub, although part of why I think it didn't ever get licensed had to do with 008's design. Aside from that, companies back in the day would've balked at the deaths and sensitive material- like questioning of religion. The dub of the '01 series removed any references to 002's lack of faith as is.
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