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Default Re: Should the Anime Dub industry give more attention to older anime?

What I have in mind is stuff like the Brave Series:

Specifically dubs of all the series from Exkaiser to Dagwon, and a re-dub of GaoGaiGar since it's finally come out on blu-ray and the original dub was not complete.

And perhaps the Eldran series as well. A re-dub of Raijin-oh (since the first one sounds like a really bad fandub), and dubs of Ganbaruger and Gosaurer.

The Brave and Eldran series are owned by TakaraTomy but animated by Sunrise, and Bandai owns Sunrise now so there's a few issues with who really owns it. But perhaps they can begin licensing anime in North America again someday.
Also, both are from the 90's.
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