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Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
I think they're probably stuck in non-canon hell (just like the cast of Street Fighter EX). I seem to remember one of the troopers had this really weird ending that implied he was Guile's brother or something though. That game was weird.

True, but you gotta admit that it would be cool if Fei Long had Sawada's blue camo fatigues as an alternate costume. Same with Kevin Striker's space-suit for Ken (since Ken is the name of Kevin Striker in the English version of "Street Fighter 2010").

Not only was Blade (that trooper from "Street Fighter: The Movie") Guile's brother, but he was also Gunloc from "Slam Masters" in disguise. So I guess I ought to add Gunloc to my list of hopeful comebacks, too. And like with Sawada/Fei Long, his Bison Trooper armor could work as an alternate costume.

And since Charlie Nash is returning, maybe his incarnation from the movies and animated series (Carlos Blanka, that is) could be alternate skins for his character.

Then, add some stages based on the movie, the animated series, and "Street Fighter 2010", and you'll have what I call the "Street Fighter Legends" pack.

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