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Default Re: Street Fighter V

Originally Posted by Bauglir100 View Post
I personally would like to see Sawada and/or the Bison Troopers from Street Fighter: The Movie appear at some point. They'd be great additions if the right people worked on them.
I think they're probably stuck in non-canon hell (just like the cast of Street Fighter EX). I seem to remember one of the troopers had this really weird ending that implied he was Guile's brother or something though. That game was weird.

Originally Posted by Metabad View Post
Remy was cool. They didn't really get to do much with his character (since he was only ever in one game) but I liked his design and personality; he was like Capcom's take on Iori from KOF. That and his counter special made me favour him way more than Guile (whom, to be honest, I never really cared for), though I'd probably put him about on par with Charlie. One of the more mysterious Street Fighters. I wouldn't put him quite at the top compared to other SFIII characters (namely Alex and Urien) but he's always been up there for me.

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