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Default Re: Street Fighter V

I've also had a look at the lore of the characters and just went 'meh'....
You mean the story/background/personality? Personally I feel the beauty of Street Fighter is the straightforward but likeable nature of its characters. All of the lore and story elements are generally understated, but go together to make a cohesive whole. I prefer that approach to the drown-you-in-text style that some other series tend to go for, especially as most fighters tend to have weak storylines (King of Fighters and Tekken are probably high up there, though Tekken's story lost its way a bit in 5/6).

The character count is pretty low, but you have to realize that they basically redid the game from the ground up compared to SFIV. Roughly 16 characters is generally standard for the first new installment of any fighter. It's only with updates and sequels that they start to balloon. I can't think of many fighters that had more than 20 characters right from the get-go.

It's all about quality to me. If you add too many than it becomes nearly impossible to maintain an overall consistent level of quality, polish, and balance. I'll take 16 well-balanced and fleshed out fighters over 50 lackluster ones.

It looks pretty tame the fighting.... About the same level as Smash Bros.
What do you mean by this, you mean the gameplay? Street Fighter is the granddaddy of all fighting games. This comment makes me wonder, have you played SF? What makes the series great is that it doesn't bury itself in gimmicks and bloat. It's straight, down-to-earth skill. Easy to pick up and play but still complex and a marvel to watch in high-level play.
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