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Default Street Fighter V

Some new info on SFV was dropped today at Evo.

All I can say is: NIIIIIIIIIIIICE. The last point especially has me ecstatic. It's already confirmed that the updates will exclusively be DLC, with no expansion discs like there were in previous games (which should hopefully shut up the 5 billion people who think they're hilarious clever and original by saying "HURR HURR I'M GUNNA WAIT TILL SUPER ULTRA MEGA STREET FIGHTER V HD LOOOOOOOOOL"). That and the fact that all DLC characters will basically be unlockable without any money is just amazingly good.

Man, I can't wait for this game. Street Fighter IV feels like it came out ages ago (no joke, the difference between the initial launches of this and SFIV will be only one year less than the difference between SFIV and Third Strike. Seriously.)

On top of all the characters we know of, there was some other cool new stuff shared recently, just to recap:

- Two new stages: Brazil and New Zealand/Forgotten Waterfall (Brazil stage will tie in with an announcement at the Brazil Game Show in October)
- Preview of some music

The only thing I don't really like is what they did with Birdie's character. I'm glad he's back since he was one of the characters I wanted for SFIV who never made it but... ehhhhhhh. Really not fond of the "HILARIOUS obese slob who loves eating doughnuts!!!!" direction they took with him. Not a fan of the in-your-face sense of humour that permeates all of Ono's games.

The new Ken is sick, though. Really hope Capcom has learned from the mistakes they made over the past few years. Everything about this game seems to be just right so far, so hopefully they don't screw it up.

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