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Default Re: NYAV Gundam Seed Full Cast List

Yeah the first thing I thought when those names came up was "wow this has been done for a while".

Originally Posted by Neo Shadow King View Post
Guessing Tom Wayland will end up getting replaced for when they inevitably Redub Destiny unless the Dub for that has also been finished for a while. Maybe they'll get Trevor Devall back? I'm not sure really.
I suspect they at least started working on it. I remember that when Kevin T. Collins was announced they said he was playing Rau le Creuset and Rey Za Burrell. And as far as I know Rey is only in Destiny. If they have started Tom is probably still involved. Although I wouldn't complain if he gets replaced. I've seen a couple episodes of the Redub and he's really the only actor that I feel isn't at the level of everyone else in the cast performance wise.
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