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Default Re: Pokemon Black & White (may contain spoilers)

Originally Posted by pokemastanumba1 View Post

WARNING!!! If you haven't watched at least a majority of the Black & White series, please don't read this entire post, as it may spoil it for you!


Forgot to get back into the conversation before, but hey, better late than never. And don't want to get into another 4Kids vs. PUSA/TPCi debate, so back to discussing the particular topic of this thread...

The BW series started out ok. I actually like Cilan as a character, and while Iris is pretty annoying, she does have her moments. From Sandile's second appearance, I knew he'd have to become a part of Ash's team eventually, like he did in his fourth one later on. Krookodile is one of my favorite of Ash's Pokémon, not to mention by far best of his Unova team IMO. As for Ash himself, I don't care for his redesign, nor the fact that he's still 10 after all these years, but as they say, some kids never grow up. At least he hasn't lost too much of his old self, and he does show some good know-how in battle sometimes.

The rivals are pretty decent. I didn't like how Ash kept losing to Trip everytime, but I guess that's how plot devices work. Ash had to be the one who's portrayed as the newbie of the group this season, as Cilan is a Gym Leader, and Iris had trained to be a Dragon Master. It was quite inevitable for them to set up Ash like that. I liked Bianca as a rival, she's really cute and very funny. Burgundy and Georgia are a bit of a pain (bonus geek points to anyone who gets the reference), but I liked how Iris and Cilan had their own rivals anyway. Stephan hasn't had as much development as the others, but he did have a bit of good build-up over the Clubsplosion arc. Too bad it didn't last though.

Unfortunately, it started to get bad at the end of BW Rival Destinies and got worse by the Unova League. I just can't believe it took a full six of Ash's Pokémon to defeat three of Roxie's. Sure it was nice seeing Koffing for the first time since the original series, but how does it manage to wipe out Boldore and Unfezant one after the other? Scolipede and Garbodor were pretty overpowered as well. Trip's Serperior somehow managed to OHKO a Darmanitan and a Heatmor using SolarBeam, and when he battled Ash, Pignite didn't even land a single hit! Yet it fell to a single Volt-Tail in the Unova League preliminaries. And don't get me started on Ash's full battle against Cameron.

The new episode this morning was pretty good though. Ash isn't done traveling through Unova with Iris or Cilan, and it was really neat to hear Team Rocket reciting their original motto. As for Professor Oak, we even got to see Muk smothering him again. I'm not sure if Stan Hart had returned to the role, but if he didn't, then I must say that Jimmy Zoppi's impression has certainly improved.


Spoilers end here.

Checked it out and Muk smothering Oak was about the only thing that was close to a throwback to the original series. I'm pretty sure that Oak was Jimmy Zoppi as it still sounded like Gary. Ash's advice was good, Iris wasn't as annoying, but Cilan's food puns are too ridiculous for me. Team Rocket has never fully recited their original motto and instead do variations. I'm gonna check the beginning of BW and see the episodes up to where Team Rocket goes back to their old uniforms but they seem to have become competent villains again so that's an improvement at least. But yeah I'm done with new episodes since I don't like the new direction the franchise is going in.
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