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Default Re: Pokemon Black & White

Originally Posted by JSD View Post
Yeah, I understand as well. I do agree with you. BW in some ways is a fresh start/clean slate for the series. It is disheartening for many older fans to see what's happened, but for others it's been a revival of the franchise. Ash is still 10, he ended up regressing in the Unova League, TRio has become very serious, etc.

As for the dub, I think the TPCi English itself dub has improved as well since the switch occurred. I do not think it's a bad dub anymore, but what I feel is that it is lacking in emotion, decent dialogue, and staying power. The 4Kids dub really felt more like a show anyone could watch and could jump right into, whereas the TPCi dub feels more like a show where it feels tailored made towards the younger generation of fans.

Certain mannerisms like Ash's trademark yell or James' horse-whinnying laugh have been dropped entirely, Ash is always dropping his g's and n's, Team Rocket overuses puns and alliterations a lot of the time, and there are some pretty strange intros that I feel really show a difference in the two dubs besides the voice acting.

The lack of nonsensical editing and retention of more JPN BGM than 4Kids kept is great in TPCi's case, sure, but the overall quality of the English dub has diminished in my eyes. It's just not the same without Veronica as Ash and the others for me. It lost a lot of charm without them...

I feel in general before the show was relatable to anyone, and not just for the kiddies (even though of course they weren't perfect by any means, they still seemed to care more from what I've seen over the last 7 years).

As for the TPCi dub, I thought it was generally very poor in BF, poor-mediocre in DP, and is good in BW, but that's just me.

Agreed. The TPCi dub has improved vastly since it began, and that is the glimmer of hope right now for the series. The BW Series seems to have mixed reviews, actually. Some love it, and others hate it. I don't think the dub will ever manage to capture that genuine interest and goofiness the 4Kids dub seemed to give off without the original VAs back in their main roles, but I can at least say TPCi's dub is good in its own right now.
IMO some sounded ok when not going into the comedic parts of their characters. If Bill Rogers and Jimmy Zoppi go into Brock's pervert self and James's goofy self I'm surprised that didn't start another epileptic seizure lol. Not all were that bad. The voice work in "The Treasure Is All Mine" was horrendous but in "A Lean Green Team Rocket Machine" the vices were done pretty well. That's actually one of my favorite TCPi episodes since it focuses on the classic episodes. It has the Team Rocket song even though it was only the melody being played during the restaurant scene and "Team Rocket's Rockin" and almost had the original motto. That's how BW should have started to me. But no matter what Zoppi's Meowth alone could start another epileptic seizure. The need a VA who can sound like Maddi more instead of just doing a forced Broolkyn accent since Meowth never had an accent from the start.

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