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Originally Posted by pete View Post
I think he's saying there have been improvements in the dub switch. Not that TPCi's dub is superior to the 4kids dub.

Anyway I watched it all the way to Battle Dimension but started watching again at the end of Sinnoh. I then watched the first 10 episodes of Unova and stopped because I didn't like that they stopped following the older seasons, made Ash 10 again and acting like an amateur and behaving like he did in the early episodes of the anime such as catching Pokemon without battling them and not mentioning his old friends, rivals, travels, battles, badges etc., and ignored the older fans and aimed it towards the younger ones. I don't care for Iris and find her annoying and my lest favorite female lead, and Cilan my least favorite supporting male led mainly because the way Iris treated Ash annoyed me and Cilan's flamboyant behavior didn't make it any better. I did like Iris's playfulness and what they did to Team Rocket but the constant recycling of episodes turned me off. When Paul showed up in that flashback in episode 2 I had high hopes but he hasn't shown up yet, neither has the rumored Misty who might have returned, or Charizard which was a made up story to begin with.

I get why they did all this. To revamp it for a fresh start since the older fans stopped watching after the dub switch, to make it less confusing for kids unfamiliar with past seasons, and to try to regain an audience. Granted it may have improved so if it did please let me know. The Pokemon franchise is definitely the most successful in the US beating Yu-Gi-Oh by far, the cards are still selling strong, and Nintendo makes billions off the games so it hasn't been dented much since kids were always the targeted audience for the Pokemon franchise.
Yeah, I understand as well. I do agree with you. BW in some ways is a fresh start/clean slate for the series. It is disheartening for many older fans to see what's happened, but for others it's been a revival of the franchise. Ash is still 10, he ended up regressing in the Unova League, TRio has become very serious, etc.

As for the dub, I think the TPCi English itself dub has improved as well since the switch occurred. I do not think it's a bad dub anymore, but what I feel is that it is lacking in emotion, decent dialogue, and staying power. The 4Kids dub really felt more like a show anyone could watch and could jump right into, whereas the TPCi dub feels more like a show where it feels tailored made towards the younger generation of fans.

Certain mannerisms like Ash's trademark yell or James' horse-whinnying laugh have been dropped entirely, Ash is always dropping his g's and n's, Team Rocket overuses puns and alliterations a lot of the time, and there are some pretty strange intros that I feel really show a difference in the two dubs besides the voice acting.

The lack of nonsensical editing and retention of more JPN BGM than 4Kids kept is great in TPCi's case, sure, but the overall quality of the English dub has diminished in my eyes. It's just not the same without Veronica as Ash and the others for me. It lost a lot of charm without them...

I feel in general before the show was relatable to anyone, and not just for the kiddies (even though of course they weren't perfect by any means, they still seemed to care more from what I've seen over the last 7 years).

As for the TPCi dub, I thought it was generally very poor in BF, poor-mediocre in DP, and is good in BW, but that's just me.

Originally Posted by pokemastanumba1 View Post
As a longtime fan of the Pokemon franchise (obviously), I've been watching the Unova saga of the anime, and I must say, it's definitely a vast improvement over the DP saga (though that really isn't saying too much). I actually really like some of the new Pokemon, and newcoming traveling partners Iris and Cilan do make good chemistry. Even the animation is certainly a step-up from previous seasons. The bright and vibrant colors provide beautiful-looking scenery and make the characters stand out much more than ever.

Of course, the TPCi dub is showing great promise. Bringing back most of the former 4Kids VAs back to the series since DuArt took over kicked off a great new start since mid-DP, and of course, there'll be more of them coming. While the anime may never regain its old popularity, it's certainly making a fierce comeback. There's newfound hope to save the series from record-low ratings.
Agreed. The TPCi dub has improved vastly since it began, and that is the glimmer of hope right now for the series. The BW Series seems to have mixed reviews, actually. Some love it, and others hate it. I don't think the dub will ever manage to capture that genuine interest and goofiness the 4Kids dub seemed to give off without the original VAs back in their main roles, but I can at least say TPCi's dub is good in its own right now.

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